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Did you know that studies show the #1 factor for success is Communication?

Discover the fastest and easiest way to achieve success NOW!

7 Secrets of success

An enchanted  afternoon with Maryam Torbati, PhD.

Based on many studies and research, including, “Change your attitude, change your life”, “power of now”, “Awake the giant within”, “Ultimate power”, “Buffett”, “Bill Gate”, “Happiness”, “  Deepak Chopera” , “Leo Buscaglia",and",and",and”,and many more, You will be enriched beyond measure.

Mastering Your own Success

The strength to succeed comes from your ability to master your own success.  Successful individuals recognize their attitude ultimately sets their altitude.  Discover the power your positive own outlook has to help you achieve your goals and the ultimate success. 

In this seminar participants will learn:

  • How to create goals that give you passion ( schema )

  • The power self-talk has on personal performance (tactic)

  • How visualization helps create a positive attitude and helps you see your goals (strategy)

  • How verbal and non-verbal positive communication influences others (approach)

  • Ways to develop a positive, healthy, and empowering attitude (plan)

  • The importance of eliminating negativity from your life ( strategy)

Upon completion of this seminar, you will:

  • Discover three steps to help you create your own attitude and belief system

  • Understand the effects of negativity and pessimism - and how to beat it and create a new way of looking at success

  • Realize how to overcome your fears and meet new challenges

  • Learn to reduce stress and focus on achieving your goals

  • Discover the winner within you

  • Learn how to develop powerful self-talk that propels you to success

Success requires talents, abilities, interpersonal skills, and professional knowledge or skills or both.

Most of these can be learned. Use the related lenses to advance your knowledge and skills.

If you are interested to participate, Please call 559-289-9102


How to Reduce, prevent, and Cope with Stress?

Dedicated to those interested in managing stress,

maximizing performance and enhancing emotional health!

Stress survival seminar

An stress free afternoon with Dr. Maryam Torbati


 Has anyone ever told you that you are an over-reactor? Maybe it is time for a crash course in stress survival. When you are practicing stress coping, you will learn how to control your emotions so that people won't think of you as an over-reactor, but you will also be able to control your mind to stay positive. With a positive attitude any task can be completed and on time. 

A primary goal in stress survival seminar is to determine the aspects of a situation to which the individual is stress target specific. This goal is most easily realized by identifying the physiologic, emotional, and intellectual response cues to stress, and pinpointing the specific occurrence. The types of stress, warning signs, survival strategies, and techniques in reduction of stress in our everyday life

This seminar will help participants to identify the causes of their stress and provide them with practical, effective tools to avoid, reduce and manage stress.

In this seminar participants will learn:

  • Stress Identification

  • Stress monitors

  • Stress 101: brief definition of stress and why it affects health and productivity
  • Sources and symptoms of stress
  • Building awareness of stressor and symptom onset
  • Foundations of stress reduction including aerobic activity, adequate sleep and healthy emotional outlets

Research shows that people who develop and use relationship survival resources manage their stress far more effectively than people who rely only on personal survival resources like diet and exercise. The four key relationship survival resources are:

  • Problem solving: The ability to deal directly with problems and make positive changes to resolve them
  • Communication: The ability to honestly share thoughts and feelings with others to promote mutual understanding
  • Closeness: A comfort level with others and the ability to connect with people
  • Flexibility: An openness and ability to respond to change

There are many benefits of attending this seminar for stress reduction including:

  • Increase your ability to deal with the stress in your daily life

  • Learn to cope with unusual stressful situations

  • Improve overall self-esteem

  • Gain a renewed sense of enthusiasm for living

  • Increase concentration

  • More restful sleep

Who should attend this seminar?

  • All Employees
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Human resource personnel
  • Teachers

 If you are interested, Please contact  Dr. Torbati at 559-289-9102



To be effective in today's business climate, education arenas, you need to be skilled in the arts of management , persuasion, motivation, and creativity. For Today's success in managing others,  just education and degrees will not be enough 

 The art of Motivation & Creativity 

Based on many research ,books, seminars, and  many creative and motivated individuals like Tony Robbins ,Dewitt Jones ,and president Clinton's bodies of work.

An afternoon with Dr. Maryam Torbati  

This seminar will introduce participants to new ways of thinking and new processes for Motivation & Creative problem solving. The program provides tools and insights for applying Motivational techniques & Creative thinking at work and in every facet of life.

 Participants in this seminar will learn:

  • Work and the Creative & Motivational Process
  • Motivation and where it comes from
  • Creativity and Consciousness
  • Motivational techniques & strategies
  • Creative Visualization
  • The four-Step Innovation Process
  • Creativity & Motivation and human potential
  • The Integrated Brain - Four Quadrant Creativity & Motivation
  • Creativity, Motivation  and Risk-Taking

Who should attend this seminar?

  • All Employees
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Human resource personnel
  • Teachers

 If you are interested, Please contact  Dr. Torbati at 559-289-9102

Did you know IQ is only 20% of your success predictor in life ?

Did you know 80% of the rest is associated to EQ?

Art of Emotional Intelligence / EQ  

Based on Daniel Goleman, Mayer and Salovey's   bodies of work

An afternoon with Dr. Maryam Torbati  

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the single most significant factor influencing business world ,academia, and   leadership . Research studies confirm that EQ is more important than IQ.  managers/Leaders/teachers/learners/ athlete  with well-developed emotional intelligence competencies climb the ladder of success and consistently perform at higher levels within any organization. Research also confirms that as much as 90% of the difference between an exemplary and average performer is attributable to emotional intelligence.

EQ/seminar objective

  • Understand the nature of emotional intelligence (EI) (EQ).
  • List and define each of the competencies underlying EI (EQ).
  • Identify their personal strengths  
  • Develop strategies for emotional self- control, empathy, coaching and influencing others.
  • Examine and use the appropriate EI/EQ competencies for leading others and initiating change.

Who should attend this seminar?

  • All Employees
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Human resource personnel
  • Teachers

 If you are interested, Please contact  Dr. Torbati at 559-289-9102

"Break the pattern, change the perception, and believe in the possibilities"

"Recognition is the best motivation" Albert Einstein

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